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Coming July 2017!

“That aura you see? It’s time. And I can sell it for you,
as much as you can steal”

Struck by a nasty disease, Hildy begins to see auras around people, and when she starts sampling them, she sees memories. Good, bad, used and unused, she learns that she has a unique talent—she can see and take other people’s time. And, she discovers, there’s an underground market for it. After all, who has enough time? The dying, especially, want to get more of it, but giving it to them means taking it from someone else. How moral is she? How will she juggle the black market’s strong-arm tactics, her own quandaries, and the surprising appearance of a figure who may be at the center of the market system that is time?

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Life unfolds in strange ways. You may encounter people from your past living in your former apartments, or find you have a penis as you engage in war-dreams, or find a planet filled with ghosts that look exactly like the ghosts back home. Is it possible they are the same as the ghosts back home? Wherever you travel, there are tough decisions to make about the aliens you may have harmed and the aliens who may harm you. Other Places, Karen Heuler’s latest story collection, follows travelers
as the familiar becomes strange, and the strange becomes life.


Who said an apocalypse has to be all bad?

What if the apocalypse came--and it was beautiful?

When a virus leaps the species barrier, people all over New York and New Jersey start singing and climbing to the rooftops, to the bridges, to lamp post and road sign, steeple and water tower, singing gloriously, triumphantly, tirelessly—and dying. When it’s all over, Manhattan has to rebuild a new society, and it seems to be having a lot of help in the form of angels, gods, and walking myths. What’s real? And does it really matter? It does to Dale, searching for her missing daughter, and to Omar, an entomologist searching for the cure, if there is one, with little interest from those in the grip of the new order.